Asset & Data Management Systems Company | Case Study

Our campaign delivered 43% Open Rate, 15% Reply Rate and 58% of Leads Generated Converted Into Sales .

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Industry Case – Information Technology

12-15 Leads per month

43% open rate 

58% of leads produced positive responses.

Industry Case 

Information Technology

Our client has been a mainstay for a number of years within the oil, gas, and renewable energy industries focusing on enhancing performance in complex industries. Providing excellence has never been a problem for our client, but they lacked experience in finding the right contacts to demonstrate their product to.


Our team at Growthonics worked with our client to understand their ideal customer profile. By implementing a team of analysts, account executives, copywriters we designed the best strategy to fit their needs and helped them source the most effective leads to fill their pipeline and increase their brand awareness. By implementing human touch, we precisely matched their requirements to build a scalable sales engine.

Growthonics were able to engage with clients we had previously reached out to but didn’t get a response from”