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Our campaign delivered 43% Open Rate, 15% Reply Rate and 58% of Leads Generated Converted Into Sales .

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Industry Case – Information Technology

12-15 Leads per month

43% open rate 

58% of leads produced positive responses.

Industry Case 

Information Technology

Our client has been a mainstay for a number of years within the oil, gas, and renewable energy industries focusing on enhancing performance in complex industries. Providing excellence has never been a problem for our client, but they lacked experience in finding the right contacts to demonstrate their product to.


Our team at Growthonics worked with our client to understand their ideal customer profile. By implementing a team of analysts, account executives, copywriters we designed the best strategy to fit their needs and helped them source the most effective leads to fill their pipeline and increase their brand awareness. By implementing human touch, we precisely matched their requirements to build a scalable sales engine.

Growthonics were able to engage with clients we had previously reached out to but didn’t get a response from”

Quote from our client 


Our client was in need of a company that would be able to provide them with lead generation. They required new leads, meetings, and to increase their brand awareness and digital footprint. Being in an industry that requires your attention 24/7, it can be extremely difficult to put aside time to conduct outbound outreach.

Growthonics provides a successful path to sales by managing the sales funnel from booked prospects to meetings booked.
1. Sourcing

A dedicated Growthonics Account Manager worked with our client to understand their ideal
prospect and also create a bespoke strategy to source them as effectively as possible.

As they were dealing with very technical clients, our client provided a list of suggestions for us to target.

Our research department refined this and had a list of targets drawn up to reach out to with personalisation. 

Targeting & Profiling
2. Enrichment

By applying personal human touches, our analysts worked to ensure that the identified leads precisely

matched our clients search criteria and that their databases were kept up to date, valid, and constantly

enhanced. Growthonics were able to reengage with previous prospects that our client was unable to.

Data Collection

3. Outreach

By crafting a customized 6 point, touch email campaign, our outbound team ensured that campaigns were effectively run and optimized to ensure the highest possible number of responses. Growthonics developed a bespoke campaign surrounded around addressing prospects pain points that our client could solve with digitisation and data consolidation.

4. Development

Growthonics enabled our clients’ sales reps to successfully engage with a daily influx

of positive leads and meetings, allowing them to focus on selling.


1. Sourcing

A dedicated Growthonics Account Manager worked with Work.Life to understand their ideal prospect and also create a bespoke strategy to source them as effectively as possible.

2. Enrichment

Work.Life required a unique set of prospects. The ideal profile was that they needed to be local and were looking to upgrade their offices. Growthonics’ Analysts identified leads that precisely matched their brief.

3. Outreach

Gowthonics’ outbound team crafted the ideal 6-touch email campaign, tweaking it regularly to ensure that the highest possible number of people accepted the tour invitation.

4. Development

Growthonics’ team successfully assisted Work.Life’s reps to engage with the daily influx of leads in their CRM database and continued to enrich the contact history information of local, eager businesses.


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Open rate

Growthonics teams used the best automation tools on the market which resulted in high open rates, and high bounce rates becoming a thing of the past. Apart from that, we created relatable subject lines and content our prospects resonated with highlighting why working with our client would enhance their business.

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We sourced and generated unique leads based on our clients targeted personas and ideal customer profiles to ensure that they had a predictable, reliable, and scalable sales engine and pipeline. This was done with the use of technology and human resources. Dealing with a niche and complex industry, the amount of prospects is much less, but with a conversion of 58%, it clearly shows Growthonics targeted the right clients interested in using our clients services. Connecting with the prospect might have been difficult, but once the prospect was interested, securing the deal was fairly simple.

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Our team of specialists managed our clients outbound email campaigns which also gave them access to the best automation tools on the market, giving them high visibility and high levels of email open rates and reply rates.

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Converted from leads generated

At Growthonics we used customized multi-touch campaigns which were effectively run and optimised to give our client the best results. With our rigid campaign management and continuous A/B Testing, we ensured that they received high conversion rates, even though leads generated were much less than usual. Leads may have been difficult to find, but once they replied, we converted 58 % into sales.