Hastee Case Study 2021

Our campaign delivered 33% Open Rate, 4.1% Positive Engagement Rate and 19% Reply Rate.

Trusted by more than 300 companies

Hastee – Financial Services 

• 1420 Leads Per Month

• 33% Open Rate

• 19% reply rate


Employee Financial Application

“Hastee is revolutionising the way people are paid, for the better. We are an award-winning technology solution that companies can offer to their workforce, which enables employees to access a portion of their earned pay immediately to increase their choice and financial fitness. 

“Growthonics has an ability to operate in many countries, we have created a much more efficient pre-sale team and that has directly impacted our ROI, representing good value for money.”

Juanjo Dominguez

Global Sales Director at Hastee


Hastee were generating a lot of meetings but needed a partner to help them scale their business at a manageable pace. After assessing multiple providers, Hastee decided Growthonics was the perfect fit due to their flexibility and ability to operate in multiple countries. Growthonics was tasked with generating meetings with companies that were looking at innovative ways to strengthen their employees financially using Hastee’s technology, thus improving their work productivity.  

Growthonics provides a successful path to sales by managing the sales funnel from booked prospects to meetings booked.
1. Sourcing

A dedicated Growthonics Account Manager worked with Hastee to understand their ideal
prospect and also create a bespoke strategy to source them leads as effectively as possible.

Targeting & Profiling
2. Enrichment

Hastee provided a list of suggestions to target and Growthonics were able to refine this and found targets that

precisely matched their brief.  The ideal profile they needed was a company looking to improve their productivity

and allow their employees to take control of their financials.

Data Collection

3. Outreach

Gowthonics’ outbound team crafted the ideal 6-touch email campaign, tweaking it regularly to ensure that the
highest possible number of positive responses was received. Growthonics ensured each campaign could be adapted to the specific needs of Hastee

4. Development

Growthonics’ team successfully assisted Hastee’s reps to engage with a daily influx of leads in their
CRM database and continued to enrich the contact history information of many other businesses, who just

weren’t able to do it at the time.



Group 72 (1)


Open rate

Our teams at Growthonics ensured a quick turnaround to ensure that the necessary processes were in place and taken into effect to ensure positive engagement, high levels of email open rate and quality leads. We chose subject lines that would appeal to the decision-makers.

Group 73



We sourced and generated the unique required leads based on Hastee’s targeted personas and ideal customer profiles to ensure that they had a predictable, reliable and scalable sales engine and pipeline. This was done with the use of technology and human resources.

Group 74



Our team of specialists managed Hastee’s outbound email campaigns which also gave them access to the best automation tools on the market, giving them high visibility and high levels of email open rates. We created a bespoke campaign including video touches to highlight the credibility of Hastee and how they could transform the prospects’ company performance. 

Group 75



With a dedicated campaign team to manage and optimise campaign results, we helped to track and log responses in order to optimise reply rates achieving a 4.1% positive response rate. Hastee with the help of Growthonics were able to scale their business tremendously, they are now active in 3 countries. Growthonics were able to supercharge their influx of meetings greatly, they are currently averaging 35-40 meetings per month per country, whilst at the beginning, they were average 5-6 a week.