Hustle Case Study

Hustle helps organisations manage real-time customer relationships through text messaging.

Trusted by more than 500 companies


Peer to Peer Platform

Hustle helps organisations manage real-time customer relationships through text messaging. Their app allows them to have human conversations with a wide audience, without invading their privacy.

“We have a small sales team that we were in the process of rebuilding. We wanted someone who could set up new leads, carry out research for the organisation and qualify the leads.”

Latoia Jones

Hustle’s senior vice president of strategy and business development


Hustle were restructuring their sales team, and had been without an SDR team

for over a year. They needed targeted lead generation.


We started by doing our research on the company. We wanted to find out what was working,
what wasn’t working, and to define exactly what they wanted to achieve.

“That initial conversation was great.”

“The team was really engaging, and the service was cost-effective.

They asked intelligent, probing questions about what we needed

– and I felt that attention to detail would continue when they were prospecting.”

Hustle gave us a list of 25,000 organisations and we
began our research into which ones would be a good fit for the company.

“Onboarding was simple”

I wasn’t expecting it to be that easy. I send them a list and they take it from there.

The team comes back and lets us know what’s viable, and what’s not viable. I really like the fact that they do so much research.”

Our research teams receive many months of training to deliver precisely targeted data.

We look into everything that’s relevant – the specific industry verticals, organisation size and revenue, tech stack, geographical location, hiring information – and use our own internally developed tools to break down data into the most niche customer profiles.

They ask a lot of questions, and they’re really accessible.

We have a weekly call with the team, and they have been very flexible with our schedule and our needs.


The Growthonics researchers continue to work with Hustle,

delivering highly accurate, qualified leads direct to their sales team. 

The data they’re coming back with is great.

I wasn’t expecting that level of quality research. We’re about to hire an internal SDR team and have Growthonics work with that person. It will complement the work they’re doing. If you are building a sales team and don‘t have the funds or capacity for an internal sales team, Growthonics are a really good starting point. 

They can help you build your foundation.