Why Cold Calling Doesn’t Work For A Millennial

Cold Calling

Everyone hates cold calls. Even cold callers hate cold calling. This is nothing new. What you need to factor into your sales process now is that millennials don’t just hate cold calls – they hate phone calls. Phone calls of any kind. Last year the total number of millennials in […]

CRM Maintenance 101: How Dirty Is Your Data?

CRM Maintenance

CRM Maintenance is becoming ever more important. If you don’t actively cleanse and update your data 70% of your database could be inaccurate after just one year. Sound too high? In 2016, the UK saw a record high in business formation; 650,000 new businesses were started last year, over 40,000 more than in […]

4 Simple Steps To Find Your Business Niche


The average American is exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 messages per day but less than 100 of those messages will be remembered. We are living in the most competitive age of marketing yet. Research from StartUp Britain shows that there were 80 new companies started every hour in the UK alone last year. […]

Efficient Sales Strategy: How To Split Your Sales Team

The average sales team spends only  ⅓ of their working day actually talking to prospects. Seem wasteful? It is. If you run a business, or a sales team, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of a sales team is always going to be your top priority. An inefficient sales team is a waste […]