How to build a pipeline and pivot sales during COVID-19

In this new environment, many companies are reluctant to purchase. With budgets on hold, there’s very little a salesperson can do.

So, what’s the solution? 

It’s time to re-think the sales mindset. By shifting the focus onto developing and maintaining relationships, you’ll build trust and confidence that will remain once the pandemic is over.  

Think of this as a valuable opportunity to educate buyers about what you can offer them. 

Building a pipeline

Start with top-of-the-funnel, outbound activities such as highly targeted personalised, sequenced email, and LinkedIn campaigns.  

Try narrowing your target. Rather than taking a broad approach, consider developing a niche in specific industry sectors.

Managing and nurturing prospects

A well-managed CRM system is important. Make sure it’s kept updated with opportunities, notes, and next steps.  

After contacting your prospect, agree a timeframe for follow-up communication.  

Admittedly, getting a commitment may be tough at the moment – but it’s best to be upfront and honest. Explain that it’s simply a way of keeping in touch to allow questions to be answered. No decision needs to be made.  

After that, maintain the relationship by checking in regularly, perhaps every couple of weeks or once a month. Emails and LinkedIn messages are great, but try mixing these with short videos or a phone call.  

At first sight, these efforts may appear to be a waste of time and energy. After all, they bring no immediate results. However, in the long-term they will help you bounce back from this crisis. 

At Growthonics, we have a wealth of ideas on how to build a pipeline and generate opportunities.

Get in touch to set up a chat.

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