How To Target Decision Makers

How To Target Decision Makers

Efficient lead generation drives conversions from leads to opportunities and ultimately to sales. One of the major reasons for low or zero conversions is the inability to contact the right person in the company. In this guide, we will explain how to target decision-makers.

B2B Sales Cadence | What They Are & Why We Use Them

B2B Sales Cadence What They Are & Why We Use Them

A sales cadence is a sequence of multiple touch points with prospects through different channels to establish engagement or make a sale. By executing a B2B sales cadence, your sales team can coordinate prospecting efforts, nurture relationships with potential customers, and close more deals.

Sales Development Representative: A Day In The Life

SDR A Day In The Life

Originally a niche role used in a few SaaS companies, the Sales Development Representative (SDR) is now considered a key position in many businesses across multiple industries. They are known for doing the grunt work for more experienced salespeople to approach qualified prospects.

Successful Restructuring Of Our B2B PPC Campaign

Successful PPC Campaign Restructure

Growthonics looked to overhaul our paid search activity, with the primary focus on increasing the number of leads we were acquiring, while at the same time reducing the cost. Our work saw an 179% increase in lead conversion rates with a 30% decrease in cost per lead, all while increasing our lead quality.

Lead Generation: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

Lead Generation

Business growth heavily depends on a permanent acquisition of new customers. And you can achieve it by building a seamlessly working lead generation process. This guide will cover the basic components, strategies, techniques, tools and ways to improve your company’s lead gen.

B2B Data Collection | Methods of Gathering


What sort of data should your company be collecting? The answer to this varies depending on the nature of your business, but there are some common questions that all organisations can ask themselves before embarking on a data collection exercise.

Comprehensive Guide To Managing Sales

Managing a sales team is difficult. Regardless of how many degrees, diplomas, or PhDs you may have, every salesperson is different, which makes every sales team different. And yet somehow, that is what makes managing a sales team so rewarding.