Get in touch with us to help strengthen the links
in Your outbound chain.
Get in touch with us to help strengthen the links
in Your Outbound chain.
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So, those are the 4 key links to getting an effective, scalable, outbound strategy. 


To remind you, these links are, Targeting, Quality Data, Deliverability and Copy. In order to allow your sales teams to effectively accelerate growth, achieve more and engage with more people, you need to concentrate on each element, or your chain will break allowing for less favorable results. 


In this vlog series, Dan Vanrenen shared with you how to strengthen the links in your outbound chain, with a primary focus on scalability. As we highlighted, placing cold calls to potential buyers has too many disadvantages.


To counteract this you need to do the following: 


  1. Targeting: You need to identify your target persona. The person who will make the final decision.  
  2. Quality Data: When collecting data, remember who you are targeting. Your data needs to be effective and scalable. 
  3. Deliverability: Once you know who you are targeting, you need to send email outreach. These emails need to be scalable and authentic. 
  4. Copy: This is the final link in the outbound chain. And, although you are focusing on the deliverability of your emails, you must remember, that it is a sales email. It has to be right. 

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