Having a dedicated SDR Specialist - Customer Engagement

If you are reading this article and you are in business or in sales, the question which you are probably asking is “What will my sales strategy and outcome be like in 2021?” Better still, many of you must be asking, “what will my sales team look like in the next 4 months?”, never mind trying to get to 2021.


That is the question on everyone’s mind. What is the future of sales? It is impossible to predict what the future of sales holds during this time, but, what is certain is that companies need to make a change, they need to shift to more scalable solutions.

And, a shift means, making the right investment.


But, what is the right investment? Is it investing in technology, hiring more people, or outsourcing? All these options come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. But what needs to be considered is scalability, sustainability and return on investment.


The future of sales and effectiveness of sales means having a two-tiered sales structure which includes sales reps and a dedicated outsourced SDR team. An effective, complete sales team is critical to the success of any company, and if you want a predictable, repeatable, and scalable sales engine, you need to make the shift.


Sales teams are revenue drivers and sales managers and those in leadership positions should be paying close attention and be particularly interested in being able to streamline processes and save time while contributing to the bottom line. They need to know what is happening now and understand how outsourced services will positively affect the sales process and also the advantages it has.


While SDR services form a critical part of your front-line, they need to be the right people, with the necessary experience and ability to constantly engage with prospects and the key decision-makers throughout the sales process.


Once you become disengaged with your prospects at any point in your sales process, you lose momentum and you lose opportunities.


So, in a singular word, engagement. Customer engagement can take various forms, but the key elements and focus points is that it must be of high quality, repeatable and scalable with the goal of having high-value conversations which lead to meetings and appointments which will take your sales to the next level.


Customer engagement is all about the interaction between your customer and your brand. Positive customer engagement remains the most critical tactic of successful businesses.


However, when it comes to engagement, first and foremost, you need to have a customer base as well as a reliable flow of leads which will lead to a reliable flow of qualified meetings.


Lead generation can be a complex and intricate topic and process. And, with so many different methods to generate leads, the ultimate goal remains to fill your pipeline but, fill it with the right people. And this is one of the main determinants of identifying the future of your sales team. Does your sales team have the right capabilities, the know-how and the time to be generating the right leads?

Some statistics on lead generation

• 80% of B2B marketers say that lead generation is an important 12 month consideration
• Nurturing leads can increase sales by 50% and reduce costs by 33%
• 63% of businesses see generating traffic and leads as a big marketing challenge
• A 9.3% higher sales quota completion rate is attributed to good lead generation
• Lead management automation results in a 10% rise in revenue over 6 – 9 months
• 80% of B2B marketers note lead generation as their most important marketing goal.


Generating leads can be very time consuming and challenging, the same goes for reaching out to these leads. According to stats, 4 billion people will use email by 2020, meaning that email will remain one of the most effective means within your outbound strategy. But how much easier would it not be if a specialist managed your outbound emails to ensure that you remain engaged with your prospects and get those qualified appointments.

Some statistics on email outreach:

• Email contact that nurtures existing leads enjoys a 4 – 10 times higher response rate than standalone emails
• A response within 5 minutes increases conversion potential by 900%

Email outreach is about proactive communication and giving your prospect a reason to engage with you. It is about securing the future of your sales. The future of your sales team is all about making smarter, cost-effective choices and doing this at the most opportune times to stay ahead of competitors and market trends.

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