Quality Data

Quality Data

When collecting data, always remember who you are targeting.
The data that is collected needs to produce a scalable outbound solution.

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Quality Data

Quality Data

The second link in the outbound chain is quality data.

Before you embark on data collection, don’t forget the first link in the chain.
Think about who you should be targeting.

Where companies go wrong

When it comes to data collection, companies tend to focus on 3 methods:

– The sales team collect the information
– They buy lists
– They scrape websites using search criteria

These methods may work, but they’re costly – not only financially, but also in lost time. They won’t create an effective, scalable outbound solution.

CEO lists

As with targeting, understanding the organisational map is crucial for collecting high quality data.

You’re looking for the main decision maker plus their influencers – the people above, below and adjacent to the decision maker.

Buying CEO lists may give you the decision maker, but the strategy is limited. Those lists don’t include the crucial influencers who sit around them.

Data erosion

With CRMs or databases, the data erodes extremely quickly – on average, at a rate of 2% a month – and in the current environment, the percentage will be even higher.

There’s little point in putting the wrong data into your outbound campaign machine. For an effective strategy, you need a solid data source.

For information on finding reliable data, book a call with a Growthonics expert.

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