Restructuring Of
Our B2B PPC Campaign

One of the core service offerings at Growthonics is our Sales Development Representative teams and the optimisation of our processes is something that is constantly evolving. But while most people would consider this process to happen at the client level, we also have our own lead generation and acquisition processes which help us grow our business.


With this in mind, we collaborated with Caspar Marketing to overhaul our paid search activity, with the primary focus on increasing the number of leads we were acquiring, while at the same time reducing the cost. This work helped us see a 179% increase in our lead conversion rates with a 30% decrease in cost per lead, all while increasing our lead quality.

Pretty good, right? Here’s how we did it:

The Strategy

Following a deep dive on the paid search accounts and the user journey from ad impression to lead acquisition, three key areas were identified for improvement:


  • • Landing page optimisation
  • • Ad copy relevance
  • • Keyword groupings and bid optimisation

Several landing pages were built out which were highly optimised for conversion, and keywords were grouped into tightly related clusters. Each keyword cluster received its own landing page, with the aim of making the landing page content as highly relevant to the keyword cluster as possible. Alongside this, bid automation was optimised to nudge more budget into areas we saw were performing better historically.


Ad copy was also given a big overhaul. Lead generation is a highly competitive area, and with the knowledge that we were competing against some pretty big names (Salesforce and TikTok to name a few) we rewrote our ad copy from the ground up to help us stand out against this competition.


We also put time into improving the accuracy of the reports so inbound data aligned with the sales data. This meant reviewing existing conversion tracking in Google Tag Manager and in some cases creating new tracking tags. Once satisfied that all the conversion points were being accurately reported, we took reporting one step further with Offline Conversion Tracking. 


For this level of tracking to take place, Growthonics needed to be approved by Google Ads. Following that, hash tagging was implemented onto the site, allowing us to track offline deals back to keyword level. This allows us to optimise at a granular level and the Google Ads algorithm to target leads similar to our signed clientele.  

The Results

The results of this in-depth work speak for themselves, and have played a significant role in the growth of our business over the last 6 months:

  • • Click through rates increased by 170%
  • • Conversion rates increased by 179%
  • • Cost per lead decreased by 30%

The biggest impact this has had is allowing us to scale our business without scaling our marketing spend. Our efficiency has increased, and we’ve seen an increase in lead quality alongside this, meaning we’re closing more deals. Not too shabby for 6 months work!

The growth processes that Caspar Marketing and Growthonics put in place will continue to help the company grow over the coming years.

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