Top 5 Recruitment
Industries of 2022

With the competitive nature of today’s market place nearly every company is at one point faced with the challenge of finding employees with the right skillset that will catapult their business to the next level. This, notwithstanding the constant war for talent, has resulted in human resources managers turning to recruitment services to find the right talent to enhance their workforce.

A professional recruiting firm will help you to easily find the right candidate to join your human resource pool after vetting a host of job seekers. Although nearly every sector was affected by the pandemic, the recovery hasn’t been the same for all given the recession that followed. However, companies have remained resilient in the face of high cost of living to continue looking for the right talent to help improve their bottom line. 

Here are the top recruitment industries of 2022:

1. Pharmaceutical Industry

The Covid 19 pandemic disrupted the pharmaceutical industry resulting in challenges and new opportunities. Today, this industry is one of the hottest around the world with a significant increase in job listings. In the UK, the industry’s overall hiring shot up by 63.93% by October 2022. In the US, the Bureau of Labour Statistics states occupations across physical, life and social sciences are expected to grow by 7% in 2028. The convergence of life sciences and technology means companies are now recruiting professionals with expertise in tech enabled solutions.

2. Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry suffered $500 billion in losses in the first year of the Covid 19 pandemic. Today the industry is under pressure to meet the surge in travel demand against limited staffing. Companies are in search of talent to streamline operations in what is seen as a regeneration period. Consequently, there are several trends you must look out for that will shape the future of this industry. For instance, creation of a personalised seamless customer journey by leveraging technology and automation of HR to fill the massive gap within the hospitality workforce.

3. Healthcare Industry

Healthcare recruiting isn’t just volatile but also more competitive than ever. Hiring and retaining workers has become difficult after the Covid 19 pandemic. With an industry turnover rate of 25.9%, talent acquisition teams have changed their priorities to attract and keep top talent. This means you need to tailor your recruitment strategy towards the current trends in addition to working with a recruiting firm specialising. Recruiting for healthcare roles means engaging candidates and keeping them interested in your company. Thus, you want to consider options like personalised communication, authentic employer branding and use of tech powered solutions.

4. Life science Industry

The pandemic brought out the best in the Life Science industry. The shift to operating remotely has seen uninterrupted growth in the industry and subsequently the employment base that is key in managing growth. While some industries experienced uncertain times and massive losses life science companies continue to thrive and recruit more staff as they had to expand their talent pools as their needed to fill positions arising due to the growth occasioned by the pandemic disruption. This is a competitive advantage that many industries don’t experience.

5. Logistics Industry

The logistics industry equally experienced an interruption in the supply chain as businesses had to develop new strategies with the move to online purchasing. Before the pandemic, employers within this industry struggled to find workers and it only got worse when Covid 19 hit. Today, with an increase in demand for shipping services the logistics sector is more competitive and busiest than ever. There’s a demand for a range of skillsets particularly in e-commerce distribution experience.

How to Choose the Right Recruiting Firm For your Business

With so many emerging across different recruitment industries, engaging an executive search firm to compliment your recruitment efforts will certainly pay off. These firms will help you find talent that matches your goals and needs. Even then, you must know some best practices to help you decide the best recruitment firm.

Here is a list of some of the common best practices to help you find the best recruitment firm:


Ultimately, your goal should be making the most of executive search services offered by an executive recruiting firm that is in tune with the current trends in your industry so they can help you meet your staffing needs.

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Top 5 Recruitment Industries of 2022