PiSYS Case Study 2021

Our campaign delivered 35% Open Rate, 3.79% Positive Engagement Rate and 17.35% Reply Rate.

Trusted by more than 300 companies

PiSYS – Outsourced IT Suppliers

• 800-1000 Leads Per Month

• 35% Open Rate

• Previous Pipeline Value £80 000

• Current Pipeline Value £400 000

Overview of PiSYS

Outsourced IT Suppliers

PiSYS are one of the most respected outsourced IT suppliers in the UK. Since 2003,
they have been delivering fast, reliable local and cloud services to companies across the
public and private sectors. 


PiSYS were looking for prospects who were interested in moving from paper to paperless contracts. They needed a company capable of fulfilling this with this speed.


Growthonics implemented a team of strategists, sales consultants, and a customer success manager to implement the best strategy to fit their needs.


We helped them effectively source the most effective leads and applied personal touches to scale their mailing list. 

Been in the business for 43 years. Never found a lead generation company that was any good. Growthonics is the first I found that was any good.

Allan Sutherland

IT Sales for Specialist SME’s at PISYS


Like many organisations, PiSYS was building and managing its own sales


Doing this by themselves was simply taking too much time, and they needed a company that could streamline their process.


PiSYS required Growthonics to help them find leads and increase their mailing list. PiSYS needed Growthonics to actively research, target, and generate leads that were actively looking to transition from paper to paperless contracts. 


They didn’t have a problem with generating leads, but they wanted to increase the number of qualified leads, allowing them to focus on solely selling IT

Growthonics provides a successful path to sales by managing the sales funnel from booked prospects to meetings booked.
1. Sourcing

Together with PiSYS, Growthonics set out to understand PiSYS’s ideal customer

and lead profile in order to create the best strategy that would source quality leads and

increase the size of their active mailing list.

Targeting & Profiling
2. Enrichment

By applying the personal human touch, our analysts worked to ensure that the identified leads precisely

matched PiSYS’s requirements and that their databases were kept up to date, valid, and constantly enhanced.

Data Collection

3. Outreach

Growthonics provided the resource for strategically designed cadences & personalised messages for the prospects. Copywriters explained how PiSYS offered a solution for companies looking to move to paperless contracts. Our 5-point, touch email campaign, ensured campaigns were run effectively and optimized for the highest number of responses.

4. Development

Growthonics’ team successfully assisted PiSYS’s reps to engage with the daily influx of leads in their
CRM database and continued to enrich the contact history information of local, eager businesses.



Group 72 (1)


Open rate

Growthonics teams use the best automation tools on the market, resulting in high open rates and bounce rates becoming a thing of the past. Growthonics targeted prospects with specific subject lines that would relate to their needs.

Group 73

800-1000 average


We sourced and generated unique leads based on PiSYS’s targeted personas and ideal customer profiles to ensure that they had a predictable, reliable, and scalable sales engine and pipeline. This was done with the use of technology and human resources. Increasing the number of demos was a key target for PiSYS, with Growthonics achieving this, it allowed them to demonstrate to more companies, increasing their chances of growing their business. PiSYS were previously running around 10 email campaigns per year, Growthonics was able to increase that tremendously, PiSYS are now sending out campaigns daily.

Group 74



Our team of specialists managed Big Ideas Machines’ outbound email campaigns which also gave them access to the best automation tools on the market, giving them high visibility and high levels of email open rates.

Group 75



We used customised multi-touch campaigns which were effectively run and optimised to give PiSYS the best results. With our rigid campaign management and continuous A/B Testing, we ensured that they received positive engagement. Within a year, PiSYS had almost tripled its number of demos over the period. When PiSYS first started, they completed 3 demos per month, now they are averaging 3 demos per week.