Growthonics is not another DIY sales automation portal.

We do the work for you.

Growthonics is an industry-leading managed service. We help B2B companies grow by delivering a customised stream of sales leads.

This is how we manage
your outbound sales.

Step 1

We profile your perfect lead

Your dedicated account manager will work with you to understand your perfect lead so we can prepare both our strategists and tools to source the same quality of leads you are currently sourcing in-house – but faster.

Step 2

Our strategists source leads customised for you

Technology cannot completely replace humans, and therefore our work begins by having professionals identify leads precisely matching your requirements.

Step 3

We use advanced technology in the background to source more leads and find accurate contact details.

We are not another database but instead have access to over 500 million leads through other data sources. Our proprietary technology speeds up the data collection process.


Access to over 500 million contacts worldwide

We check all email addresses before you receive them.


Less than 2% bounce rate

We check all email addresses before you receive them.

Step 4

View your leads as they are delivered around the clock

You can view your leads and their contact details at any time as they are collected live. From there you can export them into your CRM or keep track of leads directly.

Step 5

Fill your calendar full of meetings

We can handle email copywriting and outreach automation on your behalf, meaning your calendar gets filled with qualified meetings automatically.


Expert copywriting

Our copywriters will take your USPs and suggest email templates based on our vast experience of what coverts.


Automated sequences

We’ll run email automation on your behalf, setting up and managing sequences.


No duplicated emails

Our tools are setup to ensure no duplicate emails are sent out, so you don’t need to worry.


“Out of Office” handling

Out of Offices are great! Growthonics seamlessly sets up the follow-up email to go after they are back in the office.


Email A/B Testing

We’ll manage email copywriting and A/B testing to push up results.


GDPR-compliant emails

We’re experts at GDPR and will ensure all your emails are fully compliant.


How much does Growthonics cost?


Completely secure and GDPR-compliant data

Growthonics is committed to full compliance with international data regulations. We are a fully GDPR compliant data company and we have partnered with top law firms and specialist GDPR advisors to ensure compliance.