Enrich CRM Data

We do the work for you.

Our dedicated data analysts will source, update and enrich your CRM database with valid updated contact data.

This is how we enrich
your CRM Data.

Step 1

Run a CRM health report

To understand your requirements our analysts run a small test from some sample data to assess the quality of your CRM and report the amount of data eroded.

Step 2

We use advanced technology in the background to source more leads and find accurate contact details.

We are not another database but instead have access to over 500 million leads through other data sources. Our proprietary technology speeds up the data collection process.


Access to over 500 million contacts worldwide

We check all email addresses before you receive them.


Less than 2% bounce rate

We check all email addresses before you receive them.

Step 3

Our strategists enrich and replace missing contact data.

Technology cannot completely replace humans, and therefore our work begins by having professionals identify eroded data precisely and replace any missing information to match your requirements.


Want us to source fresh contact data for your database or CRM?


How much does Growthonics cost?


Completely secure and GDPR-compliant data

Growthonics is committed to full compliance with international data regulations. We are a fully GDPR compliant data company and we have partnered with top law firms and specialist GDPR advisors to ensure compliance.