Automated LinkedIn Outreach

Our automated LinkedIn outreach targets & engages your key decision-makers, pushing them directly into your sales pipeline.

What is Linkedin Lead Generation?

The core responsibilities of developing a business, generating interest, sales leads, and new clients have always been difficult, but none more so than when you have country-specific constraints such as opt-in, double opt-in, or even GDPR. Prospecting new business is more time consuming than ever before, and when time equals money with very little returned investment, you have to consider what alternatives there are.

As an overview, LinkedIn Outreach is a new and intuitive way of getting the most up to date, optimised data for all B2B companies and most compliant way of reaching out to a company and piquing their interest in your services.

Time is money,

save both

How We Do This?

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Campaign Planning & Development

Understand your target audience and personas of your ideal clients.


Build targeted and qualified lists of your ideal prospects on LinkedIn

Outreach Messaging

Write clear and personal cold outreach messages that actually get responses

Lead Generation

Send thousands of custom messages to your prospects every month. You’re instantly notified when leads respond, for you to close the deal

Who Does LinkedIn Outreach Benefit?

Founders/CEO/Business Owners

Whether you are a business owner, CEO, or founder, your time is precious, and what tasks get allocated this is at a premium. With a LinkedIn outreach campaign we enable you to do the following:

Prioritise your time on the core tasks

Monetise your time more effectively

Enable sales and marketing teams productivity to be more efficient


Generating new sales, or continuously have a regular flow of leads is every salesperson’s and team’s nightmare. When coupled with lead nurturing and the ability, or lack of time to prospect for new clients as well it can be a daunting task. With our LinkedIn outreach solution, we provide the following:

Qualified sales leads for your team to convert

A nurtured pipeline of prospects, so enabling sales personnel to focus on conversion

A scalable solution to reaching internal sales targets

SDR Teams

The main responsibilities of SDR teams are to identify and create new qualified sales opportunities. There are a variety of ways to do this, with LinkedIn being a key strategy. As a result, hours every day are taken up with copy and pasting templated messages. Our tool completely automates this and means those hours are now used replying to prospects and booking in meetings.

Reduce time wasted prospecting

Increase reach and book more meetings

Centrally manage campaigns and outreach messaging


Generating qualified leads and reaching the correct decision-maker from marketing campaigns in a cost-effective way is every marketers nightmare. Bounce rates, undelivered messages, or even the response of “no longer with the company” are all issues stemming from out of date data. With our LinkedIn outreach campaign we provide the following:

Real-time data for your specific target industry, the business size, job title

A better conversion rate for prospecting to enquiry

Target businesses within opt-in countries where cold emailing is illegal under GDPR legislations

What Our Clients Say About Us

Completely secure and GDPR-compliant data

Growthonics is committed to full compliance with international data regulations. We are a fully GDPR compliant data company and we have partnered with top law firms and specialist GDPR advisors to ensure compliance.
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