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Business Development Representative vs Sales Development Representative

As their acronyms (BDR and SDR) are often used interchangeably, it can sometimes be confusing understanding their differences. While responsibilities of Sales Development Representatives and Business Development Representatives are quite similar, they are separate when you get down to specifics. A Business Development Rep takes care of prospecting outbound leads, while a Sales Development Rep is in charge of inbound leads qualification.

Why Lead Nurturing is So Important

Lead nurturing is simply the process of reinforcing and developing relationships with prospects, buyers, and past customers at each stage of the sales funnel. It helps create a connection between leads and your brand by providing support and value in a personalised and delightful way.

Buyer and Customer Personas | Ideal Customer Profile Guide

This article looks into ideal customer profile, buyer persona, customer persona, and why they are important to your sales and marketing teams. We also show you how to build a buyer persona, and their connection to your marketing campaign. By the end, you will have a good understanding of the impact of ICPs and personas on your bottom line.