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Trusted by more
than 300 companies

Trusted by more than 300 companies

Lead Generation At Growthonics

Growthonics is the only B2B lead generation service you need for a reliable flow of leads and qualified meetings. We achieve this by combining specialised human skills, technology, sophisticated omnichannel prospecting and lead response.

Our Growthonics’s professionals (Grow-Pros) work directly with CEOs, Founders, Sales & Marketing leaders to put in place bespoke solutions to scale sales opportunities and growth.

Let your sales team focus on selling.

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B2B Lead Generation Services
At Growthonics

Lead Research

Growthonics is the leading company when it comes to high-quality, targeted sales data. Our skilled team of data analysts hand curate, custom-made data lists to your exact ideal customer profile. We partner with 8 data providers giving us access to over 7+ billion data points, 450+ million companies and 550+ million contacts.

Outbound marketing

Using our industry leading data sourcing process, we build the foundations for your outbound campaign. We set up a customised outbound process using Email and LinkedIn to create a predictable flow of qualified opportunities for your team to convert into meetings.

Outbound sales development

We offer specialised Outbound SDR teams that deliver qualified appointments through unique multi-channel customised campaigns. With personalised, data-driven, multi-channel outbound campaigns, we build a predictable outbound sales program that generates qualified booked meetings.

Sales development representative (SDR)

Our unique, personalised, omnichannel outbound approach utilises a winning combination of machine-driven and human-powered prospecting at scale. Created from years of experience and constantly optimised through early adoption of the best sales enablement tools and outbound methodologies, our SDR teams will allow you to scale/sustain your growth.

Growthonics Explained

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Meet Your Grow-Pros

Lead Researcher

Meet Azim
“I create bespoke lists of companies that match my client’s criteria. I love nothing more than getting my teeth into a multitude of data sources to find the most up-to-date info on relevant companies and key decision-makers.”

Customer Success Manager

Meet Sarah-Leigh
“My role is to be my client’s inside person on the account. Whilst the team is busy working hard to deliver great results, my role is to be the primary point of contact between my client and their team.”


Meet Rakaela
“I am well versed in outbound content for bespoke sequence email, LinkedIn, phone and video campaigns. I also have a vast library of persuasive content proven to deliver customer engagement”

Campaign Strategist

Meet Abir
“I’m an expert in the process and techniques of outbound cadence. I design and execute custom campaigns via email, phone, video or social media, all with the aim of exceeding clients expectations and consistently delivering great results.”

Sales Development Representative

Meet Liani
“As an SDR, my job is to never let an opportunity slip through the net. By managing prospects from initial conversations all the way to meeting booked, I ensure my clients’ sales-ready appointments are delivered like clockwork.”

Customer Success Stories

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Gareth Thyer Jones

Managing Director at Talented Teacher Jobs

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David Foster

Head of Sales at City Pantry



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Industry Gold Standards


Qualified, Dedicated Team

We have an educated, experienced global team of professionals that provide clients with transformable, scalable solutions.

Industry Experience

With more than 10 million leads sourced, 500 + clients in over 100 industries, we are a team of accomplished, well trained sales professionals who have worked in all aspects of sales over the years which gives us the edge.

Latest Technology
Platforms & Capabilities

Growthonics provides leading-edge sales development tools and platforms to help you scale faster and more efficiently.

Continued Training

A cornerstone of our model for success is built around competent staff. Our staff are constantly trained and updated on new technologies, new requirements and new platforms so as to keep
abreast of client needs and demands.


Growthonics are a team of dedicated specialists within their field of expertise. Our teams love what they do. Growth, pride, and foresight is at the center of everything and this instills accountability and high-quality service delivery.

Visibility & Transparency

We provide real-time access to data that matters most. All activities are tracked and reported on regularly to allow for opportunities for improvements and strategy changes where necessary.


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What is a sales funnel

What is a Sales Funnel? Building & Creating Guide

A sales funnel is the customer journey from the initial contact with your brand to the time they make a purchase. It amplifies lead generation efforts and helps sales teams to understand areas they need to either improve or follow up the sales process to avoid leakages.

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How To Target Decision Makers

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Research Analyst

Quality Assurance Team

Customer Success Manager

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Research Analyst

Quality Assurance Team

Customer Success Manager

Copywriting Team

Campaign Strategist

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