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Data Analytics vs Data Science

Data analytics vs Data Science

Data analytics and data science are indispensable to your business if you want to stay ahead of competition. These two technologies have gained popularity with the surge in the reliance of big data to make key decisions. As more organisations and businesses recognize the value of big data and statistical analysis in decision making, so does the demand for these two technologies continue to grow.

What Is First, Second- and Third-Party Data?

What is First party, second party and third party data

Data is one of the key drivers of any successful marketing campaign. The kind of customer data guaranteed to benefit you the most will depend on your marketing goals and the prevailing circumstances. In this article, we give you an overview of what is first, second, third-party data, their differences and how you can effectively incorporate them into your next campaign.

What is Big Data?

What Is Big Data

Big data refers to massive data sets that can’t be stored, processed or even analysed using traditional business tools. Millions of data sources across the world generate massive data rapidly. In this guide, we help you understand big data, it’s importance, how it works, best practices, how businesses benefit from using big data and how you can create an effective big data strategy.