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Improve Sales Team Efficiency With One Easy Change

Improve Sales Team Efficiency With One Easy Change

The average sales team spends only ⅓ of their working day actually talking to prospects. If you run a business, or a sales team, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of a sales team is always going to be your top priority. An inefficient sales team is a waste of your time and your money. We’re going to run through why and how you should split your sales team to maximise efficiency and productivity, and how to further compartmentalise your team into 4 key roles.

Why You Need A Specialised Outbound Team

WHY YOU NEED A SPECIALISED OUTBOUND TEAM  In the B2B world, it can sometimes seem impossible to separate lead generation and sales, as many sales teams are expected not only to close the sale, but to find their own leads too, and in some cases even manage accounts.   In […]