Which countries can you send B2B emails to in Europe?

Which countries can you send B2B emails to in Europe Banner

Since the initial scramble to update privacy policies in 2018, talk of GDPR regulations has gone quiet. Every company that operates in the EU must comply, but this still leaves a big question mark over the heads of marketing managers and sales development representatives across the continent: how do you maintain an effective B2B email marketing strategy while respecting data privacy laws? In this article, we are offering clearer email guidance and sharing the do’s and don’ts of marketing emails across EU member states.

How To Generate Sales With The Perfect Prospect Profile

How To Generate Sales With The Perfect Prospect Profile

With new media channels, outreach techniques and hundreds of competitors all vying for consumers’ attention, all the time. Bombarding your prospects with sales calls and marketing information just isn’t enough to push for a conversion. If you want to increase your sales, you need to first identify who you are selling to. Every campaign and every pitch needs to start and finish with your prospect’s problems – and how you are solving them.

GDPR Doesn’t Mean We Will Stop Contacting Businesses

GDPR DOESN’T MEAN WE WILL STOPP CONTACTING BUSINESSES There has been a lot of scrutiny over how lead generation and email outreach companies such as ourselves will be able to continue as a business model post-GDPR. Contrary to mainstream media, GDPR compliant email marketing is still legal and is still […]

Improve Sales Team Efficiency With One Easy Change

Improve Sales Team Efficiency With One Easy Change

The average sales team spends only ⅓ of their working day actually talking to prospects. If you run a business, or a sales team, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of a sales team is always going to be your top priority. An inefficient sales team is a waste of your time and your money. We’re going to run through why and how you should split your sales team to maximise efficiency and productivity, and how to further compartmentalise your team into 4 key roles.

5 Critical Steps To Sending GDPR-Compliant B2B Emails

5 CRITICAL STEPS TO SENDINGGDPR-COMPLIANT B2B EMAILS Contrary to popular belief, it is still legal and effective to send businesses sales emails now the GDPR is enforceable. This article dispels the myths around cold emailing under the new regulations and gives you some simple, actionable tips to ensure your B2B […]

Outbound Outreach With Inbound Marketing For More Sales

OUTBOUND OUTREACH WITHINBOUND MARKETINGFOR MORE SALES Both outbound and inbound marketing and sales methodologies ultimately share the same goal: conversions. The inbound and outbound trajectories – attracting prospects, nurturing leads and closing clients – share a lot in common. Inbound and outbound can support each other throughout the buyer’s journey, […]

Why You Need A Specialised Outbound Team

WHY YOU NEED A SPECIALISED OUTBOUND TEAM  In the B2B world, it can sometimes seem impossible to separate lead generation and sales, as many sales teams are expected not only to close the sale, but to find their own leads too, and in some cases even manage accounts.   In […]

How Growthonics is Set Up For GDPR

HOW GROWTHONICS IS SET UP FOR GDPR     As a lead generation, email marketing and data processing service provider, Growthonics has been set up for the changes to GDPR legislation in May 2018 and has taken steps to ensure that both we and our clients are fully compliant.   There is […]